Nature Educational Offers

The Wildpark Lüneburger Heide offers different events especially for school classes and other interested groups. We are happy to offer information and advice to teacher and group leaders who wish to plan a visit at Wildpark.

We offer many different guided tours to school classes and groups. Our educational offer combines interesting topics with great walking tours through the Wildpark. For reservations please call 0 41 84 / 89 39 21.

Among others we offer the following tours:

From Egg to Hen
We discover the chicken coop! How does it work with the hens and the eggs? It gets exciting when we give an egg a name, i.e. two names … a boy's and a girl's name! After all we don't know yet who is going to hatch out of the egg!?
Fantastic and, when the chicks have hatched, we will send you a photo!
Duration about 30 minutes

Animal detectives
You won't believe it but there is a bread thief in Wildpark! All pupils will become animal detectives. Together we go on search and compare our findings with the animals in the enclosure... Can you find the thief?
Duration about 45 minutes

Discovery tour through our reptile centre
We get to know to iguanas, bearded dragons and other reptiles. Where they come from, what are turtles allowed to eat and what not? Why do snakes shed their skin and why do chameleons change their appearance!? It is also exciting to find out how a turtle feels to touch...
Duration about 30 - 45 minutes

Wolf, Bear & Lynx
Who lived in the Lüneburger Heide 200 years ago and how did the heathland evolve? We are going on a journey into the past to identify the right animal by looking at a footprint...
Durance about 1 1/2 hours

Famous Misconceptions of the animal world
While discovering the park we reveal famous misconceptions and correct them, informative and funny!
Durance about 1 hour

Secret Immigrants and Returnees
Which animals are not native here and which are coming back after a long period of time? We are visiting raccoons, raccoon dogs and co.!
Duration about 45 minutes

School classes are welcome to go on excursions in Wildpark according to the subject of their project days. We are happy to work on the content of the excursion together with the teachers and group leaders.

Exploring the Wildpark on your own? This of course is possible as well! We have prepared rallye-sheets for different age levels.

You will find more information here.

Show 1: Lecture about tiger
(March to November)
Monday to Friday at 10.45h, at weekends and on bank holidays at 13.00h

Show 2: Animals are our friends
(Birds of prey and other wild animals)
Monday to Friday at 11.30h, at weekends and on bank holidays at 12.00h

Show 3: Flying Hunter of the Sky
(only birds of prey)
Monday to Friday at 15.00h, at weekends and bank holidays at 16.00h

Show 4: Fascination Wolf
Lecture at the wolfs enclosure
Monday to Friday at 13.30h, at weekends and on bank holidays at 14.30h (for groups by appointment)

Show 5: Otter Feeding
Monday to Friday at 14.30h, at weekends and on bank holiday at 15.30h