Daily Events

Learn interesting facts about the two Siberian tiger Alex and Ronja and their wildlife habitat.

The Amur or Siberian tiger is the world largest wild cat alive. In the wild it is unfortunately under serious threat because its habitat is disappearing and it is hunted for its fur.

March to end of Octoberr

Monday to Friday at 10.45h

at weekends and on bank holidays at 13.00h

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At this session not only birds of prey but also other wild animals prove their learning abilities.

Pelicans, coatis and of course birds of prey take part in this show.

March to the end of October
Monday to Friday at 11.30h
at weekends and on bank holiday at 12.00h

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Our experienced falconers show the speed and grace of eagles, hawks and vultures in free flight. They reveal the secrets of the world of the birds of prey and demonstrate in this session the fellowship between animal and human.

March to end of October
Monday to Friday at 15.00h
at weekends and on bank holidays at 16.00h

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As seen in the title "Fascination Wolf", interested people can learn more about the ancestors of dogs at the wolfs enclosure.
With this demonstrative lecture directly at the wolfs enclosure you can get drawn into the world of the wolfs.

March to end of October
Monday to Friday at 13.30h
at weekends and on bank holidays at 14.30h
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Enthralling - not only for the small visitors

Our otter family can be observed especially well during feeding time. The lively otters are a special attraction. Few animals are as agile in water as an otter.

March to end of October
Monday to Friday at 14.30h
at weekends and bank holidays at 15.30h



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A reptile exhibition in the zoo school has an extensive and interesting event calendar all year round and is never boring. Involving all of your senses and take actively participating is emphasised at "Playful Learning" . School classes and other interested groups can enrol for thematic discovery trails.
A must for school classes: adventure playground and bumper cars, giant slide and a big goats enclosure with many animals for feeding and stroking.

More information about the giant playground is available here. 




  • Big sheep shearing in May and everything about the Lüneburger Heide
  • Annual deer-week: Every evening guided rut tour to the territory of the biggest domestic stags.
  • Halloween for kids throughout October
  • Children's birthdays


... and much more - just ask us or click on the Events in the menu.